A Variety of Shoes

A Variety of Shoes

  • Suggestions For Dealing With Foot Pain

    Do you deal with excessive foot pain each day when you are at work? If you can't seem to figure out what is causing the pain, seeking help from a podiatrist is something to consider. A podiatrist specializes in treating foot injuries, which means that he or she can diagnose and treat the condition in a timely manner. There are also things that you can try at home in an effort to get rid of the pain.

  • Two Non-Surgical Treatment Options For Hammertoe

    Hammertoe is a condition where one of the toes (usually the second, third, or fourth one) remains in a bent condition at all times. It's usually caused by wearing tight shoes that force the toes to stay in a curled position for long periods of time, causing damage to the muscles that control the toes. The condition can be corrected with surgery but, if caught early enough, hammertoe can be resolved using non-surgical means.

  • Deluxe Pizza May Lead To Problems With The Feet In Those With Diabetes

    Many people with diabetes eat deluxe pizzas because they believe that all of the vegetable items are healthier than one that is just meat. While that is technically true, a deluxe pizza can still be a problem for those with diabetes. In fact, it can lead to serious foot problems that require amputations. Thankfully, they can be avoided. The Nature Of The Pizza Effect When people with diabetes eat pizza, they are ingesting a lot of different items.

  • How To Treat Your Athlete's Foot And Keep From Spreading The Fungus

    Athlete's foot is a bothersome fungal infection that usually starts between your toes. The fungus causes your skin to blister and peel. The area between your toes itches and becomes sore. You can buy over-the-counter treatments for this condition, but sometimes they aren't effective. When that happens, you should see a podiatrist for relief. Here are suggestions for treating your feet and preventing the spread of the fungus. Try Prescription Medications

  • How To Safely Wear Your Flip-Flops This Summer

    Summer is almost here, and that means sandals, flip-flops, and potential foot problems. Flip-flops aren't the worst shoe; they're often made out to be a major villain because so many of them are terribly made and worn improperly. It's true that flip-flops can cause foot problems, so you have to take care and not overdo it when it comes to showing off your summer fashion. Not the Right Time Flip-flops are handy in certain situations.

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    A Variety of Shoes

    Growing up, I was never very interested in buying a large quantity of shoes to pair with my outfits. I rarely owned more than five or six pairs of shoes at any given time. I usually wore either my favorite pair of sneakers, boots, flats, or heels everywhere I went. When I married my amazing husband ten years ago, my shoe closet expanded. My generous spouse encouraged me to buy some several pairs of cute shoes to match my clothing. After shopping for new shoes, I was hooked. Now, I rarely wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Thankfully, I’ve learned that wearing a different type of shoe each day is good for my foot health. On this blog, you will discover the most important benefits of wearing a different kind of shoe every day of the week.